Jackie Jenkin & Tiffany Steiner, Co-Founders of Bakken BBQ. Since its inception in 2013, they have grown the Bakken BBQ into an impactful nonprofit organization. Its mission is to inspire hope and strengthen our community by creating meaningful change that empowers and improves the lives of our neighbors facing hardships.


Both Jackie & Tiffany have been in the Oil & Gas industry for over 10 years. They created the Bakken BBQ to bring together our community and the oil & gas industry by creating a family-friendly BBQ event while raising money to make a difference in our community.


The Bakken BBQ is run by the co-founders and 11 committee members that dedicate their time to helping make our community a better place.

Since founded in 2013, the bakken bbq has raised over $578,00 for local charities!

1st annual $40,000  Relay For Life
2nd annual $65,000  Relay For Life
3rd annual $60,000  Make-A-Wish North Dakota
4th annual $34,000  Make-A-Wish North Dakota
5th annual $60,000  Make-A-Wish North Dakota
6th annual $50,000  Make-A-Wish North Dakota
7th annual $100,000  Make-A-Wish North Dakota
8th annual $80,000  Make-A-Wish North Dakota, Women Empowering Women, Backpack Program
9th annual $87,000  Make-A-Wish North Dakota and Local Child


Over the Years